August 2016

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Breast Cancer Screening Primed for Precision Medicine

Offering alternative screening tests to young women who had genetic risks could be justified given the radiation from mammograms increased their risk of breast cancer through their lives by 90 per cent, according to Orion Health’s Ian McRae.

“This is what precision medicine is all about – instead of crude ‘one size fits all’, treating all women the same, once we have all this other information you can start treating women differently.” – Ian McRae

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Forentis to Lead Biotech Investing Roundtable at Precision Medicine Leaders Summit

Forentis Fund, a special purpose fund dedicated to saving lives and reducing human suffering by speeding new medical innovations to market, today is pleased to announce that its Managing Partner Jay Goth will be leading a discussion on biotech investing at the Precision Medicine Leaders Summit, a first of its kind gathering of the finest minds in the Precision Medicine field, in San Diego on August 11, 2016. The discussion will focus on the challenges and opportunities of investing in biotech in the emerging age of precision medicine.

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