23 Jun 2016

Blueprint Bio Closes Series A

Blueprint Bio, a company dedicated to identifying,

23 Jun 2016

Blueprint Bio, a company dedicated to identifying, protecting and offering new biological discoveries to the medical community, has closed its Series A funding round, according to CEO and co-founder Matthew Nunez.

“We have received a commitment from Forentis Fund that will provide us with the capital we need to meet our current goals,” stated Matthew Nunez. “This funding will essentially provide us the runway to complete validation on the current projects in our pipeline, develop new projects, and protect the new discoveries we have recently made.”

Blueprint is dedicated to furthering the advances of personalized medicine through the discovery, identification, validation, protection and marketing of novel biomarkers. Unlike many companies, Blueprint does not confine its investigations into any one pathway or disease. Instead, it collaborates with leading discovery and analytic platforms to find the “why” behind diseases, conditions and cures.

“We are taking a unique approach using the most sophisticated technologies in bio-fluid assay analysis to bioinformatics currently available,” continued Nunez. “While we value the financial support from Forentis, I personally place a high value on the relationships they have already brought to the table and the teamwork we have experienced working with them. We were looking for more than just a financial partner.”

About Blueprint Bio
Blueprint was founded to generate and transform intellectual property into commercial and social value, fulfilling the personalized medicine model. By identifying, protecting and offering new biological discoveries to existing clinical, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, Blueprint Bio is creating a validated marketplace for biomarkers signatures in personalized medicine. In order to de-risk and accelerate biomarker discovery, Blueprint is an active collaborator with the researchers and companies who are generating biologic patient data from ‘omics devices such as mass spectrometers and sequencing machines, among other assay methods, at an unprecedented rate. Blueprint is based in California, with additional offices and lab at the University of Pennsylvania and the Mayo Clinic.

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