22 Jun 2016

Forentis Presents at Deal Flow Summit

Forentis Fund will be making a presentation

22 Jun 2016

Forentis Fund will be making a presentation to Wilson Conferences’ Family Office Deal Flow Summit attendees regarding the challenges and opportunities that exist in biotech investing today. The event will be held at the Edison Ballroom in New York City on June 27th.

“The investment community generally views biotech as a risky all-or-nothing proposition,” stated Jay Goth, managing partner at Forentis. “Either a drug is approved or it isn’t. New technologies and approaches are transforming this industry, and I am finding that there are opportunities to de-risk biotech investing.”

Forentis Fund takes a unique approach to venture investing. The fund managers and associates work closely with its portfolio companies to create value through a collaborative big science approach. The fund and portfolio companies are focused on the discovery, identification, validation and marketing of new biomarkers that affect human biology.

The fund has identified three existing companies that it plans to invest in and recently announced its first funding commitment to Blueprint Bio. Forentis will provide both capital and business development guidance to its portfolio companies and the new business entities that result from this collaborative coalition. One new company has recently been formed to bring a new diagnostic product to market.

Family offices are constantly in pursuit of excellent direct investment opportunities and Wilson Conferences’ annual Family Office Deal Flow Summit is the only conference that brings together family investors with off-market deal flow.  Attendees enjoy insightful presentations and panel discussions with real-world direct investing insights from family office investors.

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