08 Aug 2016

Forentis to Lead Biotech Investing Roundtable at Precision Medicine Leaders Summit

Forentis Fund, a special purpose fund dedicated

08 Aug 2016

Forentis Fund, a special purpose fund dedicated to saving lives and reducing human suffering by speeding new medical innovations to market, today is pleased to announce that its Managing Partner Jay Goth will be leading a discussion on biotech investing at the Precision Medicine Leaders Summit, a first of its kind gathering of the finest minds in the Precision Medicine field, in San Diego on August 11, 2016. The discussion will focus on the challenges and opportunities of investing in biotech in the emerging age of precision medicine.

According to a recent post by Muin J Khoury, Director, Office of Public Health Genomics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “a simple shift from ‘personalized medicine’ to ‘precision medicine’ allows us to imagine a future practice of medicine and public health in which large-scale biologic, personal, environmental and social information can be analyzed with new computational tools to identify determinants of health and disease, and to develop both individualized and population-level interventions to treat and prevent human disease and improve health equity.”

The conference, which runs from August 10-12, aims to capitalize on the collective wisdom of speakers and delegates from around the world by encouraging participants to enter into partnerships with varied stakeholders and challenge the status quo, fostering more transparency in order to find solutions that will ultimately advance this dynamic field and result in improved patient outcomes. By encouraging open and candid discussions that give way to novel ideas and concepts, organizers, speakers and attendees aspire to find new ways to circumvent the obstacles that currently stymie progress. This includes access to capital, a critical component to continued progress in the field of precision medicine.

Jay Goth, Managing Director of Forentis Fund, commented, “Although many know that biotech is the best performing asset class as far as return on investment, the underlying technologies and those surrounding it can be complex, and often difficult for investors to fully comprehend. Investments in this space tend to be viewed as a binary – either you win big or you lose money.”

“With ongoing collaboration, de-risking strategies and a focus on overcoming industry challenges, investors can prevail. The precision medicine field clearly exemplifies advancements in a complex industry that represent a unique investment opportunity.” Mr. Goth continued, “I look forward to leading and engaging in a thought-provoking and enlightening discussion.”

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